Mathius Team Coach

Mathius Sendawula

Coach Mathius (Ndawula) replaced the late Head Coach Kasim AKA Baghdad, in 2021.

Mathias Sendawula is a player-coach and one of the best strikers this team has ever had, he is calm on the ball with very sharp precision. He is a good football role model to all our players. Excellent in training with a strong winning mentality. Mathias is a player you can rely on when it comes to scoring goals.

Mathias has very good experience, he has played it a very high level here in UK and in Uganda. An X-professional with well-decorated career. He is one of our longest-serving players,  recruited by Coach Kasim Musa in 2000 from London Cobs FC, a team that used to be one of our main arch-rivals.

London Cranes are grateful to have a player of such attributes.

Author: Alvah. J. Sebyala