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HTC gets playful with quirky Re camera

The Re is a new, oddly shaped $199 handheld camera from smartphone maker HTC.The Taiwanese company announced the new camera on Wednesday, along with the Desire Eye smartphone. Built to capitalize on the selfie craze, the Desire Eye puts its most powerful camera on the front side of the phone,

Jukebox Apps for the Party-Pleasing D.J.

My mission was to supply the music for a friend’s big birthday party. Sounds simple enough, right? Set up a playlist on an iPod and throw in a little Motown, because everybody likes Motown. Plug it into the sound system at the bar we had rented out and hit play. Instant revelry.

A Music Player for Soapy Singers

If your singing in the shower requires accompaniment, you can use the iShower wireless speaker to bring music from your Bluetooth-equipped phone or music player along.

A Tablet That Moves Closer to Becoming a Laptop

The French electronics company Archos is hoping to bolster its presence in the United States with a new line of Android tablets that include an integrated keyboard.

Facebook gets speed boost on iPhone, iPad

FACEBOOK has updated its mobile app for users on Apple iPhone and iPad, saying it would speed up the performance of people accessing the world's biggest social network.

The new app is "a major update to the Facebook for iOS rebuilt from the ground up, to focus on one thing, performance," said Facebook product manager Mick Johnson.

Samsung galaxy S III seeks to topple Apples iPhone

The latest smart phone to hit market, the Samsung S III is set to make 10 million sales by the end July experts say.

Meet Sekalala, the Makerere student billionaire

At just 22 years, Abdu Ssekalala’s appearance is that of an ordinary student, but looks can be deceptive.

Linux Torvalds Shortlisted for 2012 Millennium Technology Prize

The Technology Academy Finland has shortlisted Linus Torvalds for its 2012 Millennium Technology Prize, worth over €1 million (US$1.3 million).

Patents: Apple wins over Motorola in 'slide-to-unlock' ruling

Apple has won a patent dispute against Motorola Mobility regarding a "slide-to-unlock" feature on smartphones.

The judgement marks Apple's first patent victory over Motorola in any part of the world.

Patent consultant Florian Mueller said the ruling could affect patent disputes involving Android device makers worldwide.

Play hard: the best games of 2011

Calum Wilson Austin selects the pick of the games in all the major categories.

Gears of War 3
Genre: Action
Platform: Xbox 360
Classification: MA15+

As the conclusion of a trilogy, Gears of War 3 keeps the superior cover mechanics of the previous games but adds new weapons and uglier enemies. Gears of War 3 doesn't reinvent itself but is the most satisfying Gears experience yet. The conclusion to Marcus and Dom's story is suitably epic and the addition of the entertaining co-op and Horde modes only sweetens the deal.